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The AKAMAI Master Fund’s own managed tranche is a live lab for students at the AKAMAI Finance Academy to learn hands-on asset management.  The Strategy targets 10+% average annual net returns, with less drawdown than the U.S. and Asian markets.   The Fund invests in Funds managed by Geomatrix (HK) Ltd and directly via advice from AKAMAI Capital:  bottom-up, fundamental research from the AKAMAI analysts, covering all ten sectors of the Global Industry Classification System (GICS).  Markets will be U.S., Asia-Pacific, and other global markets.  We classify each company by 4 basic growth categories, which provides style diversification.   The Strategy invests in long and short positions in individual stocks, ETFs, and can hedge exposures via futures and options.  Our goal is to profit from Asia’s extraordinary economic growth and bursts of market strength, and from important structural and technological changes mostly emanating from the United States, while hedging our gains against Asia’s frequent downside volatility.

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1164 Bishop Street Suite 613
Honolulu, HI 96813

(808) 664-3240

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